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Frank Pepe in Franklin Park, NJ on Houzz


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Frank Pepe in Franklin Park, NJ on Houzz
Frank Pepe in Franklin Park, NJ on Houzz
Frank Pepe in Franklin Park, NJ on Houzz

Put away all of your remotes and enjoy easy, one-touch access for your home entertainment system. One simple press of the touch screen and the control system does the rest, including turning on the right components in the right order and setting the correct inputs. But why stop there? Let us help you create a total home control system for your entire house -  access TV, music, lights & shades, HVAC, cameras - all from the same smartphone of tablet!

Movies for the Masses!
Too Many Remotes?

We'll supply all the components...

you supply the popcorn and scary movie!

It's true that Internet speeds and WiFi have both improved significantly over the last several years. However, despite faster speeds reaching most homes around the globe, wireless networks can still get bogged down. If your Internet connection is still working but the speeds are slower than normal and coverage is weak - not to worry, Square Peg can remedy the situation. Our experienced technicians will evaluate all your current WiFi network demands - and with our powerful line of Routers, Switches and Access Points, provide a solution that will eliminate your WiFi signal dead spots and increase your wireless data throughput.


Got the WiFi Blues?



The Sound of Music!
Take your tunes outdoors! 
Your world extends far beyond the walls of your home. 
Why not your music?  Whether you're firing up the grill,
puttering in the garden, or just relaxing on the porch - together with our outdoor patio, deck and garden speaker products, we can design a sound system that will virtually disappear into the landscape.
Imagine, music throughout your entire home! Play different songs in different rooms simultaneously! Wirelessly stream internet radio, such as Pandora, Sirius or Spotify to any room in the house! Browse and play your entire iTunes music library conveniently from your smartphone, tablet or in-wall keypad.

The cost of taking a family of four out to the movies nowadays days is positively outrageous - not to mention the price of popcorn!
Why not spend your movie night in the comfort of your own home?
Let us help you to create an inviting comfortable space where everyone can gather - not only to watch movies - but to socialize, entertain and enjoy playing games with the family. No compromise on quality - our systems are designed with high quality reliable components that will give you the best sound and picture possible for years of enjoyment.